November 2009
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Title: Big Noise
Author: Jen Wright
ISBN 13: 978-0-9794883-4-4; ISBN 10: 0-9794883-4-6
Publisher: Clover Valley Press, LLC;
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 191 - Price: $15.95
Genre: Mystery

Big Noise is the second installment in the mystery series featuring Jo Spence and her new lover Zoey. They go to Big Noise, a small, out of the way settlement, for a vacation and a chance to get to know each other better, but Jo can’t separate herself from her work as a juvenile probation supervisor. She learns that a former client has disappeared in the area and is driven to find out what has happened to him. Jo’s obsession with her job has the potential to destroy the relationship she’s trying to build with Zoey, and Zoey has been very understanding, but there may be a limit to her tolerance. Meanwhile a killer who is on a religious mission is stalking the area and their paths are destined to cross. A harrowing hunt through the woods sets up the book for a suspenseful ending.

Big Noise is a fairly simple “mystery” because there’s never much mystery about where the story is heading. The real purpose of the story appears to be to give Jo and Zoey a chance to explore their relationship further. It also introduces some interesting characters, but the most intriguing part is the description of the rural community and how people live in it. The setting almost seems to be a frontier area of the 19th century instead of the modern world.

The book isn’t a real 191 pages because there is a lot of white space in it, but if you’re looking for a couple of hours of escapist reading, this one will do fine.
Reviewed by Lynne Pierce

Title: Calling the Dead
Author: Ali Vali
ISBN-10: 1602820376; ISBN-13: 978-160282037
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books;
Available from: Bold Strokes Books,; and SCP Books,
Price: $15.95 - Pages: 325
Genre: Romantic Mystery/Lesbian

In the post-Katrina-ravaged city of New Orleans, bodies are turning up in a variety of places and Detective Sept Savoie is the lead detective trying to make sense of the brutal killings. Keegan Blanchard is from New Orleans restaurant “royalty.” When a chef at the Blanchard family’s establishment is the first to be killed, Sept and Keegan get off to a rocky start. Soon, however, the strong pull of their ever-growing feelings for one another are drawing them back together over and over again. Sept is not one to open herself to a relationship too quickly, and she is especially resistant to one with Keegan, because she knows it will not be like all the other superficial relationships she’s had in the past. As Sept struggles with her feelings for Keegan and Keegan struggles with her own self-doubts, Sept fights against a killer who seems to be able to perpetrate the perfect crime—over and over again.

As Sept walks deserted streets looking for clues, she sees the pain and distress Katrina left in its wake. One person in particular that Sept and her family are concerned about, is her brother -in-law. He has lost his wife and daughter to the storm and he seems haunted by her ghost. Perhaps Sept recognizes the troubled look because she, too, experiences nightmares about not being able to save her sister and niece from the destruction of the storm. Sept tries to figure out who the monster is that is killing people in more and more gruesome ways. As Sept gets closer to solving the mystery, the killer gets dangerously close to Sept and those she cares most about.

In Calling the Dead, Vali has given us characters that are engaging and a story that keeps us turning page after page. Although some of the murder scene descriptions are gruesome, each one makes us care more about the people who are working to capture the killer to stop the insanity. As Sept and Keegan steadily move toward a relationship, we can’t help but hope that they will eventually get together because we see in them a great team with wonderful story potential into the future.
Reviewed by Anna Furtado

Title: Don't Sabotage Your Submission: Save Your Manuscript From Turning Up D.O.A.
Author: Chris Roerden
ISBN-10: 193352331X ISBN-13: 978-1933523316
Publisher: Bella Rosa Books
Available From: Bookstores everywhere
Pages: 312
Price: $17.95

I rarely review books anymore because of time constraints, but this one is so useful for every writer that I want to bring it to your attention. First off, let me say that it's a revision of the award-winning Don't Murder Your Mystery, but I have both books and I'm glad I do. Roerden has added 130 new excerpts, more resources for writers, a guide to better usage, and five pages on interior dialogue, making this book worthwhile to own.

Thorough and comprehensive, with clear and detailed examples, the book is also delightful to read. Roerden manages to teach without boring or browbeating by using an amusing and entertaining style. She brings smiles to your face while offering information that's helpful for new as well as experienced authors.

The book manifests Roerden's many years of experience in publishing, editing, and writing. She covers every aspect of improving your writing so that editors and publishers will look favorably upon it. I feel secure in saying that if you follow her guidance on revising your manuscript, the possibility of making a sale dramatically increases.

Don't Sabotage Your Submission belongs in every writer's library. It stands above almost anything else out there. I give it my highest recommendation.
Reviewed by Nann Dunne

Title: Echo's Crusade
Author: JM Dragon
ISBN 978-1-935216-02-5
Publisher: Intaglio Publications,
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Price: $16.95 - Pages: 202
Genre: Mystery

Echo's Crusade is the quest of Echo Radar to bring justice for her best friend, Karen Thompson. Karen died on Thanksgiving Weekend. Echo knows her friend neither killed herself nor committed a brutal murder. She also knows the answers somehow involve Karen's volunteer work at the mysterious Greystoke Project.

Detective Roan Keating comes from a long line of career police officers. When Echo contacts Roan regarding Karen's death, the sloppy police work on the case becomes apparent. Lively Echo and quiet, brooding Roan form a team to find the answers. The contrast of these two characters as they interact is first rate. The reader gets to know and care about both women as well as becoming completely drawn into solving the mystery of Karen's death.
Reviewed by RLynne

Title: Goldenseal
Author: Gill McKnight
ISBN 10: 1-60282-115-1 ISBN 13: 978-1-60282-115-6
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books;
Available from: Bold Strokes Books,; and SCP Books,
Price: $16.95 - Pages: 236
Genre: Romance

Gill McKnight is an author who knows the value of telling just a plain good story. Goldenseal is her latest proof of that.

Amy Fortune returns to Little Dip Valley reluctantly. She has spent years establishing herself as an internationally famous illustrator and never planned to return to the place where she was hurt so badly. Little Dip is the home of the Garoul clan and that means facing her former lover Leone Garoul who broke Amy’s heart when they were teenagers. Amy’s Aunt Connie, also a famous illustrator, is ill and cannot finish the annual almanac published by the Garoul family, so Amy has promised to complete the work for her, but she’s a different person than the girl who left and she has no intention of letting Leone be anything more than her publisher. Leone sees the situation differently. She has been waiting years for Amy to return and finally has her wish, but evil is prowling the valley and she needs to protect Amy from it. Amy finds Leone’s attention annoying and refuses to cooperate, so the women find themselves locked in a battle of wills until Amy realizes that something is very wrong in Little Dip and somehow it involves her aunt and Leone’s family. As her fear increases she is drawn to Leone even as she’s not sure she can trust her. Leone’s family harbors a secret and discovering it may drive Amy away forever. Not understanding it could cost her life.

Goldenseal makes no pretense of being a convoluted story of mystery or romance. It’s a well told story with supernatural aspects that holds the reader’s interest as the suspense builds gradually and draws the reader into what is happening. The characters, while not overly developed, are appealing and wanting to find out what is going to happen to them will keep the reader coming back to the pages. This is one of those books that you don’t want to put down until you’ve finished it. Gill McKnight is building a library of books that represent the story teller at her best. No probing issues have to be resolved or weighty lessons pondered. Her stories simply entertain, which is exactly what they should do.
Reviewed by Lynne Pierce

Title: Just Business
Author: Julie Cannon
ISBN 13: 978-1-60282-052-4
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books;
Available from: Bold Strokes Books,; and SCP Books,
Price: $15.95 - Pages: 215
Genre: Romance

Julie Cannon's novels just keep getting better and better. Her characters, both principal and secondary, are richly drawn with depth of background and motivations. in Just Business, real estate tycoon Dillon Matthews is trying to close the deal on the last piece of property she needs for The Gateway Project. Unfortunately, the seller wants to get to know Dillon as a person, rather than simply "the buyer."

Callie Sheffield is trying to get her brother out of prison. He's been unjustly convicted of murder, and he's her only family. Callie's life consists of work in a flower shop and visits with her brother.

Cannon takes Dillon and Callie on a wonderful roller coaster of a ride complete with physical and emotional highs and lows. This is a delightful tale which completely engages the reader. It's a must read romance.
Reviewed by RLynne

Title: Midnight Melodies
Author: Megan Carter
ISBN-10: 1594931372 - ISBN-13: 978-1594931376
Publisher: Bella Books,
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 292 - Price: $13.95
Genre: Historical Romance/Lesbian

Midnight Melodies, winner of a 2009 Golden Crown Literary Society Award (“Goldie”) in the Historical Romance category, is actually two stories intertwined like a beautiful Victorian lace, yet told in two separate installments in one book. The first part of the story is about Howard and Bridget Taylor—a very serious story fraught with hardships that finally end with the couple, survivors of the Titantic tragedy, settling in Whitehall, Texas.

When the second half of the story begins, we meet Erica Boyd and her volatile relatives. Her mother, Judith, is a straight-laced southerner who likes everything prim and proper, while her grandmother, Gerti, is a whiskey drinking, playgirl magazine-loving character. Of course, it’s Gerti who knows Erica’s secret—that she has a closeted relationship with the town’s Mayor.

Erica’s relationship is threatened by the fact that she is tired of jumping over neighboring fences and sneaking into Alice’s house in the dark of night to keep their relationship a secret—and by the fact that Erica knows in her heart of hearts, that Alice wants to run for Mayor again, which means the two can never be open and honest with the townspeople.

The second half of Midnight Melodies is connected to the first when it’s revealed that Howard and Bridget Taylor are ancestors of the feuding mother-daughter team of Judith and Gerti, and of their referee, Erica. When the town decides to erect a statue in honor of the beloved Taylors who did so much for the town, Erica discovers that her ancestors have skeletons in their closet that have been known to Gerti for years, but about which Judith is still in the dark, mirroring her lack of knowledge about her own daughter’s relationships and life.

What ensues as the town moves toward the celebration of the Taylors' life, is a comedy of laugh-out-loud proportion that counterbalances the gravity of the first part of the story. As Gerti fights to keep Howard and Bridget’s secret, and Judith’s place of honor in the community is threatened, everyone is in an uproar and it’s Erica who must fight to keep the peace and prevent the insanity from getting out of hand.

Midnight Melodies is a poignant story, with a generous side of laughter thrown in to offset the serious nature of the beginning of the tale. Taken as a whole, the story is one not to be missed.
Reviewed by Anna Furtado

Title: On Dangerous Ground
Author: D.L. Line
ISBN10: 1-60282-113-5; ISBN13: 978-1-60282-113-2
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books;
Available from: Bold Strokes Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 230 - Price: $16.95
Genre: Mystery/romance

FBI agent Terri McKinnon resides in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC, with her cat JoJo. She doesn’t claim to be deliriously happy, but she’s content enough living alone, preferring to avoid heartache. Being all too familiar with the anguish of losing a loved one, Terri has more important things to do with her life, namely, being the best at her job, to get tangled up in a risky liaison. While investigating the serial murders of ex-NoVaGenEx consultants, she interviews Dr. Jennifer Rosenberg, who knocks her resolve to remain single for a serious loop. Against her better judgment and despite Jennifer’s questionable past, Terri begins the dangerous journey and ultimately falls in love with the quirky, cute, and totally captivating college professor.

Jennifer lives a serene life in the country with her dog Snickers. Although she’s no stranger to run-ins with the FBI, when Special Agent McKinnon calls, she cooperates. What she doesn’t plan on is her immediate visceral reaction to the stunning woman. Prior to meeting Terri, Jen looked around her ten acres in the Shenandoah Valley nestled in a tiny village of Mount Crawford, Virginia, “…and tried to imagine what kind of act of God was going to drop a gorgeous single lesbian on her front porch” [p. 42]. The number-loving geek who spends her time teaching and doing private computer work never expects her prophecy to materialize, but she’s happy when it does.

The last thing the professional, reserved and competent FBI agent needs on the job or in her private life is another Fatal Attraction. Terri initially brushes off Jen’s advances until one thing in the investigation leads to another and she has to see Jennifer again. But does it have to be over dinner?

D.L. Line is obviously adept at depicting police procedurals, judging by the engaging way she authenticates each scene. It feels as if the feds are in your home and out on the field instead of fictitious characters borne of a creative mind. Line had me totally engrossed in the plot as well. She got up close and personal in the twisted mind of her serial killer enough to evoke fear on this reader’s part every time there was so much as a rustling of the leaves or a glance of movement out of the corner of an eye.

The comical moments are spot on hilarious; Jen is as adorable, endearing and funny as Terri thinks she is; and Terri is the kind of cop every woman in danger should have for protection. I recommend On Dangerous Ground to those readers who enjoy snappy chapters that pack a lot of punch into a few pages for the fast-paced feel of a crime drama. And especially for anyone who can’t get enough of a true lesbian romance. Find out if Agent Terri McKinnon apprehends her man and gets her girl. Line gets her writing career off to a very good start. On Dangerous Ground proves it.
Reviewed by Cheri Crystal

Title: Root of Passion
Author: Ann Roberts
ISBN: 978-1-59493-155-0
Publisher: Bella Books,
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 189 - Price: $14.95
Genre: Romance

Root of Passion is a wonderful tale of "what if?" Its main characters are Dr. Grace Owens, a vascular surgeon, and her friend Margo, a flight attendant. Grace lives a life filled with work, sleep, and more work. When Margo returns from a trip to South America with a magical potion, Grace is, at first, appalled. Then, an inner voice wonders, "what if?" What if for one night, Grace can enjoy a night of wanton passion? What happens next, to both Grace and to Margo, is a rollicking story filled with adventure, very hot, steamy sex, and fun.

While Root of Passion is a plot driven novel, Roberts has also given her readers very real characters to care about. Grace, Margo, and their friends fill the pages with the ups and downs of their lives. This is a good read, for both the sex and the plot.
Reviewed by RLynne

Title: Sea Legs
Author: KG MacGregor
ISBN: 978-1-59493-158-1
Publisher: Bella Books,
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 240 - Price: $14.95
Genre: Romance

Sea Legs is about the lesson that most people learn as they mature. Appearances are not as important as what a person is like inside. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out yet hasn’t finished growing up.

A passenger cruise of the Caribbean is the setting for what happens between six women. Yvonne and her partner Steph are in a long term relationship that is based partially on their different interests, so each has invited a friend to accompany them on the trip. While Steph and her friend Natalie are enjoying shopping in the ports, Yvonne and her friend Kelly will participate in the sports they both enjoy. When Natalie’s ex-lover Didi shows up with her new girlfriend Pamela, Natalie’s agenda changes and she sets out to win Didi back. Since she and Kelly are sharing a cabin, Natalie enlists her to pretend that they are having a relationship hoping to make Didi jealous enough to realize she’s made a mistake leaving Natalie. Kelly agrees to this ploy despite her growing attraction to Natalie and then quickly capitalizes on the fact that Didi and Pamela are confined to their cabin by two protracted illnesses. As Kelly introduces Natalie to activities that she would never have tried otherwise, she hopes that Natalie will realize that there is someone in her future besides Didi.

The theme that runs through this book is appearance and how it can influence people’s perceptions. Kelly is very androgynous and there is a painful scene as she is boarding the ship when Natalie comments about not being able to tell if she’s a man or a woman. Throughout the story there are comments about how unappealing Kelly’s appearance is, usually from Didi, and there is a point where Kelly begins to doubt herself. She’s willing to appear more feminine if she thinks it will attract Natalie to her. Natalie is just as focused on her own appearance and repeatedly comments that what drew her to Didi was her stylishness and how much Didi did for Natalie to improve her “look.”

The reader quickly understands that Kelly is the much more appealing character because of her kindness and intelligence, which Steph and Yvonne recognize from the beginning, but it takes the other characters a while to reach that comprehension. Natalie’s character starts out being very superficial, but, as she comes to know Kelly better and opens herself up to new experiences, the reader can see her grow and come to the realization of how shallow she’s been.

Didi is the counterpoint who, with her constant needling of Kelly, practically drives Natalie into a more mature concept of what “attractive” really is. Didi, who is supposed to be the most attractive and stylish character, is also the most obnoxious. Her new partner Pamela appears to be rather nice and totally accepting of Kelly, which leaves the reader wondering what either Natalie or Pamela sees in Didi. Although Didi softens at the end, it’s questionable that she truly understands how silly her attitudes are.

MacGregor’s earlier books show that she’s always been capable of creating a good romance. As her writing matures however, she’s developing more depth in her characters and complexity to her plots. The books are still entertaining but have a strength to them that is more appealing. Sea Legs should make you think as you enjoy it.
Reviewed by Lynne Pierce

Title: Stranded
Author: Blayne Cooper
ISBN 978-1-883523-92-3
Publisher: Spinsters Ink
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 260 - Price: $14.95
Genre: Adventure

Rachel Michaels is a top rated morning talk show host. In an attack of ennui, she has taken a second job as the color commentator for Denver's first professional women's soccer team. As part of her new job, she must fly to Venezuela, along with Nora Butler, assistant to the owner of the team. Their task is to accompany Miranda Gutierrez on her first journey to America. Miranda is the young, hot new recruit for the Dragonflies, Denver's new team.

Stranded quickly goes from interesting to gripping as the jeep carrying the three women slides off the side of a cliff, killing their guide, and leaving the women alone in the Venezuelan jungle. All are injured and left with only their backpacks for provisions. None of the women have any outdoor experience or are nature lovers; they must learn to work as a team to survive.

Cooper has done a great job with both dialogue and characterizations. Stranded is both witty and gripping as the women hunt for food, water, and most importantly, a way out. The friendships that are built are warm, and the sexual tension between Rachel and Nora is sizzling. Stranded is a not to be missed great read.
Reviewed by R Lynne

Title: The Arcanum of Beth
Author: Mary Jane Russell
ISBN 978-1-935216-01-8
Publisher: Intaglio Publications,
Available From: Bella Books,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 230 - Price: $16.95
Genre: Mystery

In The Arcanum of Beth author Russell has taken a very different, very risky path. In the first chapter, the reader not only knows who is killed, but also who is convicted of the crime. Now, in theory, all that is left is the "where" and "why." In this very well written novel, Mary Jane Russell leads her readers back to the beginning, with Beth's coming out and her first kiss. Seeing the action through the eyes of lawyer Janet Evans, the reader is able to meet and get a feeling for all of the players. Janet, as an older lesbian, along with her long time lover, Ellen, unravels all of the lies, the deceit, and unearths the facts along the way.

Janet, who came into the legal field late in life, and Ellen are realists who show the world what an established, loving, lesbian household can be. They are funny, quirky, and as real as your next dinner guests! They have two wonderful gay friends who also add a light touch to this novel. Russell helps her readers open the doors into her characters' lives as she builds a deliciously unbearable suspenseful end in this gripping novel. The Arcanum of Beth is a "must read" for every mystery fan.
Reviewed by RLynne

Title: The Seahawk
Author: Brenda Adcock
ISBN-10: 1935053108 - ISBN-13: 978-1935053101
Publisher: Regal Crest,
Available From: Allied Crest Editions,; and SCP Books,
Pages: 212 - Price: $15.95
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Lesbian

As The Seahawk opens, it all starts to go wrong for Dr. Julia Blanchard. The marine archaeologist is a workaholic. When she finally shows up to her partner’s birthday celebration, she finds her in the arms of another woman. The ensuing battle results in Julia’s partner, Amy, being turned out from the house they share together. Distraught and angry over Amy’s infidelity, Julia decides to break the rules and defy reason by diving to the sunken ship dubbed “Georgia Peach” alone. The sailing ship went down off the coast of Georgia, and Julia is searching for the ship’s true identity. However, she runs afoul of modern-day pirates who steal her research boat and leave her stranded in the ocean with only a life jacket just as a fierce storm blows in.

Injured and near death, Julia drifts for days, while on shore, her colleagues try desperately to locate and rescue her. When rescue comes, she immediately realizes that something is amiss—when she recognizes that her rescuers are dressed in the clothing of the early 19th century—and they are not re-enactors—and that the rescue vessel is a tall sailing ship.

As the journey continues, Julia’s rescuers themselves become the victims of pirates, and she is plunged into a sea of churning emotions over the pirate captain, Simone Moreau, whom Julia immediately despises for the way she resorts to violence to control her operations. When Julia is taken on board the pirate captain’s ship, she begins a battle of a different kind, as she struggles against the pull of an attraction and denies the truth. The conflict continues as she journeys to Martinique, and sees a different side of Simone. When Simone and her crew get involved in the war of 1812, the British against the Americans over control of New Orleans, the war brings out the worst—and the best—in people. But will the love that is quickly deepening between Julia and Simone survive—or will Julia be forced to look elsewhere—in some other time—for love?

The characters, especially that of Dr. Julia Blanchard and Captain Simone Moreau are richly drawn. The reader will want to turn page after page to see what happens next. Finally, the ending will both surprise and fascinate. The Seahawk is Adcock’s finest writing thus far. In the introduction, the author acknowledges that The Seahawk was the easiest of all her novels to write. It seems that this story has come from deep within Adcock’s soul, as reflected in the beauty of the story, and the power of the characters portrayed in it.
Reviewed by Anna Furtado

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Our Reviewers

Cheri Crystal
Cheri Crystal reviews lesbian fiction when she's not busy spending time with her family, working in healthcare, and writing her own lesbian adventures and erotic romances. She enjoys all types of intellectual and physical activities and considers herself lucky that she can immerse herself in the literary community at every spare opportunity. Cheri has many published stories in anthologies and online with .

She's written two novels and is working on a third that she hopes to one day publish. Her first solo anthology, Attractions of the Heart, will be launched in Provincetown during Women's Week. It has her brimming with excitement, pride and joy.

Cheri's Website:
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Anna Furtado
Anna is a Book Reviewer for Just About Write, The East Bay Voice, and The L-Word Literature section; and Author of The Heart's Desire Book One of The Briarcrest Chronicles, a 2005 GCLS Goldie Award Finalist, and The Heart's Strength, Book Two of The Briarcrest Chronicles,

Anna's Web site:
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Lynne Pierce
Lynne Pierce is a life-long resident of Virginia who has spent the last thirty-two years trying to convince high school students that history is relevant to their lives and leading them through the process of learning to think for themselves about issues. Her main hobby since the age of five has been reading and she has spent the last ten years consuming every work of lesbian fiction that she can get her hands on. Lynne's reviews also can be read at
lesfic_unbound and

You can reach Lynne at

RLynne lives in the high desert of California, next to Joshua Tree National Park, with her partner of 24 years, and various four-footed friends. A semi-retired educator, she’s been reviewing books since 1992. Her reviews have appeared in various gay rags, including Mega-Scene, The Lesbian Teachers Network, Lesbian Connection, and others.

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Author Bios

Brenda Adcock
Originally from the Appalachian region of Eastern Tennessee, Brenda now lives in Central Texas, near Austin. She began writing in junior high school where she wrote an admittedly hokey western serial to entertain her friends. Completing her graduate studies in Eastern European history in 1971, she worked as a graphic artist, a public relations specialist for the military and a display advertising specialist until she finally had to admit that her mother might have been right and earned her teaching certification.

For the last twenty-plus years she has taught world history and political science. Brenda and her partner of ten years, Cheryl, are the parents of three grown children and one young adult. They also have two grandchildren.

Rounding out their home are three temperamental cats, an occasionally conscious Bassett Hound and a hyperactive puppy of undetermined lineage.

When she is not writing Brenda creates stained glass and shoots pool at her favorite bar.

Julie Cannon
Julie Cannon lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her partner of sixteen years and their two children. She enjoys the outdoor life in the warm sunshine of her native state.

Megan Carter
Megan Carter lives in Texas. She enjoys hanging out with friends at the coast and taking long, romantic road trips with her partner.

Megan is the author of On the Wings of Love and When Love Finds a Home.

Blayne Cooper
Blayne Cooper is a University of Oklahoma College of Law graduate. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres. Stranded is her fourth novel. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel and reading.

Her novel Unbreakable was a Golden Crown Literary Society Goldie Award winner.
JM Dragon
English born JM Dragon is now a citizen of New Zealand. She lives in the country north of Canterbury with her family. Her life includes many animals, including chickens, alpacas, and her cats, Molly and Shadow. She enjoys travel, gardening and writing.

D.L. Line
D.L. Line has been many things at different times in her life: a musician, a pharmacy technician, a bartender, a student, a restaurant owner, a marching band director, and a dog sitter to name a few. Through it all, she has always been a storyteller.

D.L. lives in Virginia with her family, including Snickers the Wonderdog. On Dangerous Ground is her first novel.

KG MacGregor
KG MacGregor grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. She now divides her time between Miami and Blowing Rock. KG has had careers in both education and mass communication. She has been writing lesbian fiction since 2002 and has received numerous awards for her books.

Gill McKnight
Gill McKnight lives in Greece alongside snakes, scorpions and spiders. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys riding her scooter and learning Greek. Her other novels are Falling Star and Green-eyed Monster.

Ann Roberts
Ann Roberts has five published books, including the Ari Adams mystery series. She lives in Arizona with her long time partner. Her latest novel, Root of Passion, was edited by Katherine V. Forrest.

Chris Roerden
After numerous outstanding achievements and 20 years in publishing, Chris Roerden became an independent book editor. Authors she's edited are published in St. Martin's, Berkley Prime Crime, Midnight Ink, Viking, Rodale, and many more.

For eight years, she taught nights for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and one summer taught schoolteachers in South Korea for UNESCO. Chris served on the southeast regional board of Mystery Writers of America for six years, and in 2007 received its highest honor, the Magnolia Award. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, Publishers Marketing Association, and Mensa.

Now settled in Greensboro, NC, Chris is the proud grandmother of Eli, Zack, and Ben, who live near Boston with her son, Doug, and daughter-in-law, Laura, also an editor.

Mary Jane Russell
Mary Jane Russell is a native Virginian who was raised on the family farm that goes back six generations. She retired after 31 years working for local government where she set a number of firsts - first female draftsman, staff engineer, project manager, and first female director of economic development.

She now lives in Roanoke with her partner. She has enjoyed reading all of her life and wanted to be a published author since she was a teenager. The Arcanum of Beth is her first novel. She can be contacted on Facebook.

Ali Vali
Originally from Cuba, Ali Vali has retained much of her family’s traditions and language and uses them frequently in her stories. Having her father read her stories and poetry before bed every night as a child infused her with a love of reading, which carries till today.

In 2000, Ali decided to embark on a new path and started writing. She has discovered that living in Louisiana and running a non-profit provides plenty of material to draw from in creating her novels and short stories.

Mixing imagination with different life experiences, she creates characters that are engaging to the reader on many levels. Ali states that "The feedback from readers encourages me to continue to hone my skills as a writer."

Ali lives with her long time partner in New Orleans. She has eight published novels, which include The Cain Casey Saga. When not writing, she enjoys the outdoors and cheering for the LSU Tigers.

Jen Wright
Jen Wright worked in a corrections agency and is a former Juvenile Probation and Drug Court supervisor. She trains nationally on domestic abuse and gender-responsive probation practices and lives with her partner in Clover Valley, Minnesota. Her first book was Killer Storm.