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A Collection of
Nann Dunne's Short Stories

Give yourself a few hours of entertainment with these tender and charming tales about connections. A collection of "girl meets the right girl" stories brought to you by award-winning-author Nann Dunne, Door Shaker And Other Stories will excite your imagination and warm your heart.

Who is "My Girl on the Wall," and what inspiration does she give to a lonesome heart?

What is the ultimate "Special Delivery" for a woman en route to love?

Can the restoration of "The Broken Teddy Bear" heal a torn relationship?

How does a young woman's pirate map point a ship's captain to "Unexpected Treasure?"

Can the "Dominoes" women's club find a spot for a new member who is playing for love?

Who is the "Door Shaker," and what doors does she open to fight the wrongs perpetrated by an unjust society?

Find the fascinating answers in the lively stories included in this collection.

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True Colours

Book One in the
TJ & Mare Series

TJ Meridian, crippled in an attack on her and her brother, returns to Meridianville, Texas, a small town that her father all but destroyed ten years ago when he closed his ranch and meatpacking plant. Intending to right the wrongs, TJ, with the help of two friends, proposes to bring prosperity back to the area by restocking the ranch and modernizing the packing plant.

When TJ's prized horse becomes ill, a local veterinarian is called to treat the animal. The vet, Dr. Mare Gillespie, has lived in Meridianville for the past ten years and has seen the poverty caused by Thomas Meridian's withdrawal from the area. Like most of the native residents, she harbors a great dislike for the family, yet she and TJ are each intrigued by the other woman and a relationship develops.

Together they discover love and friendship that endures through personal misunderstandings, a night attack on the ranch, and an ecological disaster that could destroy the town and surrounding lands.

Culminating in a life-threatening accident that requires some hard decisions, True Colours is the exploration of hope and love and one woman's struggle to clear her name.

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Many Roads to Travel

Book Two in the
TJ & Mare Series

TJ Meridian is a woman with a pain-filled past. She has no family to speak of. Her mother and her abusive father are dead. Her brother was killed in the same robbery that left TJ paralyzed and in a wheelchair. During TJ's recovery, her two friends Paula and Erin were the only "family" in her life-until she moved back to her childhood home and met the town veterinarian, Mare Gillespie.

Mare changed TJ's life, and TJ changed hers as well. Without each other, Mare would never have found her father, and TJ might not have ever learned about a half-brother. But the road they travel toward finding family and creating family is not smooth. In this sequel to True Colours, TJ must learn and truly believe that her inability to walk doesn't make her a lesser person. Mare needs to trust that sometimes things can't be fixed, and that all she can do is offer support and be understanding. TJ's dear friends Paula and Erin have to discover that it's okay to let go of people and let them continue on their own journeys.

Together, TJ and Mare-and Paula and Erin as well-must work through the problems of the past. Can they overcome old ghosts and discover new depths to their relationships? Each has a road of her own to travel. Will they ultimately find ways to journey together?

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Dunne With Editing

Write a Book That Includes
the Finer Points of Editing

You can find many books on writing a novel and others on how to edit it. A few are worthwhile, and you might learn something from each one—those you can stay with long enough to read the whole book. But many tend to talk about the major areas of writing fiction: character growth, story development, scene structuring, point of view, and pace. Yes, those are important to every story. Without them, the story falls flat.

But one part of writing a book hasn't been adequately covered—the finer points. Written by an editor with more than twenty-five years of editing experience, Dunne With Editing addresses those points one by one and breaks them down to the basics. Twenty-two areas are covered in detail, including these:

  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Burly Detective Syndrome
  • "ing" Disease
  • Passive Voice
  • Wordiness
And many more...

Purposely written without any fluff, Dunne With Editing won't tire your brain; you won't give up halfway through. It gives short explanations and adds enough examples to make each point clear without overloading the reader.

Learn to polish your prose above and beyond what other writers are doing—or perhaps don't know how to do. Complete the handy checklist that's included, and editors and publishers will notice the difference between your book and the ones by authors who haven't sharpened their writing skills as well as you have.

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