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5 Tips Every Writer Will Find Helpful 
in Getting Published

By Mary Emma Allen

1. Be a "doer" as well as a dreamer and see a project through to the end.
So many people want to write but so many never do. They dream of the many books they'll create but don't put the effort into completing them.

2. Have something to say and say it well.
Take time to plan your book; then write and rewrite until you've produced something you're proud to show others.

3. Research your markets.
You must know what publishers are looking for and what types of books they are publishing before you can write [a good query letter] a good proposal.

Then take the plunge and actually send it to an editor.

4. Be willing to work with an editor and make revisions.
Don't consider your manuscript perfect even though you think it's good.

An editor usually has many excellent ideas and will help you make your book more professional and marketable. By cooperating with your editor, you'll usually be very pleased with the results you've produced as a team.

5. Indicate a willingness to promote your book.
Nowadays, publishers are looking for writers who will help publicize the book after it's published. This may take the form of speaking to groups, teaching classes, and attending book signings.

(This is an excerpt from a talk Mary Emma gives at book signings and events.)
(c) 1997 Mary Emma Allen

Mary Emma Allen is a columnist, children's writer, travel writer, newsletter editor, and book author. Her latest book is "When We Become the Parent to Our Parents." 
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