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Take Your Warrior to Lunch by Jennifer Oberlander
The Three Quickest (and Easiest) Ways to Improve Your Writing by Debra Koontz Traverso

The Artistry and Craft of the Bard. Part One: POV, First Person by LifeTrekker
The Artistry and Craft of the Bard. Part Two: POV, Second Person by LifeTrekker
The Artistry and Craft of the Bard. Part Three: POV, Third Person by LifeTrekker
The Artistry and Craft of the Bard. Part Four: Choosing a Point of View  by LifeTrekker
The Artistry and Craft of the Bard. Part Five: POV, Avoiding Common Mistakes  by LifeTrekker



PLOT—Part One: The Big Picture by Lori L. Lake
PLOT—Part Two: Navigating Dangerous Terrain by Lori L. Lake
PLOT—Part Three: Making Plans and Consulting the Maps by Lori L. Lake

Creating Well-Rounded Characters by Lori L. Lake
You Don't Say? Writing Effective Dialogue by Lori L. Lake

Intellectual Property and Its Uses, Part One: Trademarks and Brand Names by Lori L. Lake
Intellectual Property and Its Uses, Part Two: Copyright by Lori L. Lake
Intellectual Property and Its Uses, Part Three: Lyric Reprint Permissions by Lori L. Lake

Writing Sex and Love Scenes by Lori L. Lake
Quick Ways to Jump-Start Your Writing by Lori L. Lake
Give Me A Break: Things to Think About When Structuring Your Manuscript by Lori L. Lake
How Much Is That Theme There in the Window? by Lori L. Lake
Love of Lexicon, Joy of Text by Lori L. Lake 
The Emergence of the Lesbian Romantic Hero and the Plot She Thrives In by Lori L. Lake, Jane Fletcher, Radclyffe, and Jean Stewart
The Care and Feeding of a Genre Book Series by Lori L. Lake
The Uses and Abuses of Dialect: Y'all Be Sayin' Wha'? by Lori L. Lake
Writing an Effective Book Summary (For the Back Cover, Data Sheets, or General Promotions) by Lori L. Lake
What's in a Name? Should You Use Your Real Name or a Pseudonym? by Lori L. Lake
Minor Details: A Few Self-Editing Rules  by Lori L. Lake
To Agent or Not to Agent  by Lori L. Lake
Revisions and Editing: PartOne—Creating Better Early Drafts  by Lori L. Lake
Revisions and Editing: Part Two—Creating Better Finished Drafts by Culling, Augmenting,
and Using Global Searches
 by Lori L. Lake

How To Improve Your Writing Style: Write Active, Engaging Sentences That "Show" Rather Than "Tell" (Part 1 of 2)
 by Lori L. Lake
How To Improve Your Writing Style: Write Active, Engaging Sentences That "Show" Rather Than "Tell" (Part 2 of 2)
 by Lori L. Lake

Balancing Exposition and Scenework in Fiction (Part 1 of 2) by Lori L. Lake
Balancing Exposition and Scenework in Fiction (Part 2 of 2) by Lori L. Lake
Writing through Grief by Lori L. Lake
The Magic of Giving and Getting Feedback by Lori L. Lake
Traveling the Writing Road by Lori L. Lake
Book & Story Titles: A Rose by Any Other Name? by Lori L. Lake
How to Use Libraries to Promote Your Work by Lori L. Lake
Dialogue Tips: What to Avoid by Lori L. Lake
Weaving Subplots Into a Novel by Lori L. Lake
Feedback that Nourishes: Critique Groups and Effective Criticism by Lori L. Lake
A Purr-fect Place to Boost Your Writing Skills by Lori L. Lake
Why Writers Must Read by Lori L. Lake
Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: Flashback Techniques in Fiction  by Lori L. Lake
Waves of Hoo-Haw, Howlers, and Other Bits of Hilarity  by Lori L. Lake
SENSES AND SENSIBILITY: Ways to Appeal To All Types of Readers  by Lori L. Lake



Obituaries as Character Inspiration by Anna Furtado
Finding Character Names by Anna Furtado
Dos and Don'ts of Writer's Block by Anna Furtado
Keeping a Writing Journal by Anna Furtado
Putting Your Character to Work by Anna Furtado
OpeningLines-SparklingTreasures by Anna Furtado
Don't Shop—Flip-Flop! by Anna Furtado
The Devil Wears Criticism by Anna Furtado
Pondering Punctuation Points and Other Palaver by Anna Furtado
Flesh on Bones—Creating Characters with Character by Anna Furtado
The Elusive Butterfly of . . . Theme  by Anna Furtado
Getting the Most From a Writer's Conference  by Anna Furtado
Back Up My Hard Drive? I Didn't Even Know It Had Reverse  by Anna Furtado
Mining Story Ideas  by Anna Furtado
More Than Time or Place—Characters Experience Setting  by Anna Furtado
Put Some Dazzle in Your Dialogue  by Anna Furtado
Don't Make New Year's Resolutions—Make Writing Goals by Anna Furtado
Scene It! by Anna Furtado
Point of View—No Head Hopping Allowed by Anna Furtado
Pay Heed to Setting—The Backdrop of Your Story  by Anna Furtado
Transitions That Move Your Characters Along by Anna Furtado
Avoiding Tricks and Tomfoolery for Writing Success in 2009 by Anna Furtado
Pace Your Novel--Hup, Two, Three, Four! by Anna Furtado
Crafting Cliffhangers by Anna Furtado
Submissions--No Experience Required by Anna Furtado
Tension—It's Not Just For Thrillers! by Anna Furtado
Where Am I? Writing "Place" by Anna Furtado
Revelation - Oh ho!; Epiphany - Ah ha! by Anna Furtado
Treasure Chests of Words...Sources of Inspiration by Anna Furtado
Exercise Plan for Writers by Anna Furtado
The Use of Imagery in Fiction: Part 1 by Anna Furtado
The Use of Imagery in Fiction: Part 2 by Anna Furtado
Last Lines by Anna Furtado



Anthology Submission Tips by Andi Marquette
"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night": But Don't Forget the WHERE by Andi Marquette
As You Know, Bob... by Andi Marquette



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Karin Kallmaker's Piracy Series:
Pirates Avast!  by Karen Kallmaker
Lesbian Fiction Fans to the Rescue  by Karen Kallmaker
Ye Old Myths of Piracy  by Karen Kallmaker
Appropriate Royalties Are Paid?  by Karen Kallmaker
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Should You? Song Lyrics in Fiction  by Karen Kallmaker
The Country of Lesbian Fiction  by Karin Kallmaker
Working With An Agent: One Writer's Perspective  by Bridget Bufford
Conversion Experience: How I Learned to Outline  by Bridget Bufford
Plagiarism and Its Repercussions  by Lynne Pierce
The Organic Writer by Fran Heckrotte
How I Develop Characters  by Fran Heckrotte
An Inventory of Description  by Jennifer L. Jordan
Why You Should Attend a Literary Conference by Lynne Pierce

The Strenuous Marriage and the Necessary Toil: The Art and Craft of Writing  by Caro Clarke
Writing: The Why's, How's, and Where's of Research by Lisa Hood     
Three Acts: Major Turning Points by Alicia Rasley
The Key to Success: Write More by Dr. Lee Tobin McClain
Quick Character Motivation Exercise by Alicia Rasley
Research Your Way to Publication Through Your Local Library by Cindy LaPenna
On the Brink: Turbo-charge Your Opening by Alicia Rasley
A Writer in Motion: Newtonian Laws for the Modern Author by Jim C. Hines
Developing the Dark Moment by Alicia Rasley
Write Possibilities by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
How to Outgrow "Write What You Know" by Jenna Glatzer
How Can a Web Site Benefit an Author? by Joe Balestrino 
External Conflict Worksheet by Alicia Rasley
Discovering the Story Within by Alicia Rasley
5 Tips Every Writer Will Find Helpful in Getting Published by Mary Emma Allen
Perceiving the Foundation of Story Telling by Bill Johnson
The Secret of Expanding Your Novel Instantly by Steve Manning
Twenty-fifth Annual Women's Week in Provincetown  by Cheri Crystal
Where It All Starts—The First Sentence  by Tracey Richardson
Walking the Trail by KG MacGregor - Keynote Speech at 2011 Golden Crown Society Conference


Using a Spellchecker by Nann Dunne
Misused Words by Nann Dunne
Self-Editing Success by Carole Moore
Love Your Editor by Nann Dunne
Manuscript Preparation by Nann Dunne  
Passive Voice—Good or Bad? by Nann Dunne
You Can Help Your Beta Readers by Nann Dunne

Getting Rid of Extra Words—Part One by Nann Dunne
Getting Rid of Extra Words—Part Two by Nann Dunne

From the Beginning by Nann Dunne

Italics 101: Do You Need Them? by Marg McAlister
Italics 101, Part 2: Using Italics to Show Thoughts by Marg McAlister

Paragraph Structure, Part One: Run-On Sentences by Nann Dunne
Paragraph Structure, Part Two: Sentence Variety—Nouns by Nann Dunne
Paragraph Structure, Part Three: Sentence Variety—Adverbs by Nann Dunne
Paragraph Structure, Part Four: Sentence Variety—Phrases by Nann Dunne

Semicolons by Nann Dunne
To Edit or Not to Edit by Nann Dunne

The Use of Flashbacks by James N. Frey
Self-Editing Your Writing by Mary Anne Hahn
Hints for Cleaning Up Your Manuscript by Sandra Barret


The Daily Grind by Fay Jacobs
When the Going Gets Tough, the Girl's in the Rough by Fay Jacobs
If You Have a Brain in Your Head... by Fay Jacobs
The Devil Wears iPod by Fay Jacobs
Pork Snouts and Slippery Noodles by Fay Jacobs
Just Nosing Around by Fay Jacobs
We Did the Crime. Will We Do the Time? by Fay Jacobs
Be In The Moment... by Fay Jacobs
Tea Dance and Sympathy by Fay Jacobs
Going to Extremes by Fay Jacobs
Film, FINALLY, at 11 by Fay Jacobs
The Terrorists Have Won by Fay Jacobs
Buzzing Elsewhere by Fay Jacobs
I Should Live So Long by Fay Jacobs
O come all ye fruitcakes by Fay Jacobs
Smile, you're on digital camera by Fay Jacobs
Shredding some light on it by Fay Jacobs
Get your history straight and your nightlife gay by Fay Jacobs
Life in the Fast Lane by Fay Jacobs
The handwriting is on the wall by Fay Jacobs
Too Darn Hot by Fay Jacobs
Only As Old As You Feel? by Fay Jacobs
The bitch on the dashboard by Fay Jacobs
I (sort of) witnessed history by Fay Jacobs
Crying Wii Wii Wii all the way home by Fay Jacobs
Floundering on the high seas by Fay Jacobs
Bad Bats by Fay Jacobs
Climb Ev'ry Mountain, 'Til You Find Your... by Fay Jacobs
Expedia dot bomb by Fay Jacobs
It's a small ride after all... by Fay Jacobs
The Snowpocalypse by Fay Jacobs
Home Improvement Porn by Fay Jacobs
A Rolling Home Gathers No Moss by Fay Jacobs
Better him than me, but still... by Fay Jacobs
What comes around... by Fay Jacobs
Older, wiser, and climbing every mountain by Fay Jacobs
The book fair that got my goat by Fay Jacobs
What wireless? by Fay Jacobs
A totally tall tale about a night on the town by Fay Jacobs
In publishing, one thing has nothing to do with the other by Fay Jacobs
A gut-wrenching trip to the big easy by Fay Jacobs
L-Let there be light by Fay Jacobs
CAMPout by Fay Jacobs

The Amazon Trail

Dyke Books by Lee Lynch
If I Can Dance, I Can March by Lee Lynch
Cooking With Elbow Grease by Lee Lynch
The Visible Generation by Lee Lynch
The Land of the Free by Lee Lynch
Left at the Altar by Lee Lynch
Lesbian Nomad by Lee Lynch
Scaling the Heights by Lee Lynch
On the Road Again by Lee Lynch
You Know You're Not a Femme by Lee Lynch
My Big Butch Gay Aunt by Lee Lynch
Lez Lit Heroine: Katherine V. Forrest by Lee Lynch
Camera Ready by Lee Lynch
Queer Places To Write by Lee Lynch
Naming Names by Lee Lynch
Susan, We Hardly Knew You by Lee Lynch
National Surgery by Lee Lynch
Wake Up and Smell the Homophobia by Lee Lynch
My Lesbian Knee by Lee Lynch
Hair Heaven by Lee Lynch
Women's Week and the Confederate Flag by Lee Lynch
You Will Be My Wife, Will I Be Yours? by Lee Lynch
Butchwear by Lee Lynch
"I'm Ashamed of Humanity That We Have to Hide Our Love" by Lee Lynch
The Proof Is in the Pudding by Lee Lynch
We Are Living History by Lee Lynch
Playing For Keeps by Lee Lynch
Gay Kids Are My Kids by Lee Lynch
The Nice Lesbian Neighbors by Lee Lynch
Queen of the Road by Lee Lynch
Social Insecurity by Lee Lynch
Qpondering by Lee Lynch
Choosing an Effing Cellphone by Lee Lynch
Me and Mr. Astaire by Lee Lynch
Gay Gumption by Lee Lynch
Scared Little Dyke Writer by Lee Lynch


Interview with Kathy Smith of BookEnds Press by Nann Dunne and Lori L. Lake
An Interview With Carl Szatmary, Owner of OUTWORDS Books by Lori L. Lake
Writer Beware: Interview With Victoria Strauss by P. June Diehl
Writing Romance Novels: An Interview With Radclyffe Edited by Sandra Barret

Marketing and Promotion

Beware of Agent Scams by A.C. Crispin
Lori L. Lake's Book Signing by Lori L. Lake
How I Promoted My Book by Rhonda Empson
Authors: Make Your Name Known by Nann Dunne
Four Powerful Ways Authors Can Attract More Readers (and Buyers) Faster by Bob Baker
Promoting Yourself With Signature Files by Nann Dunne
5 Tips to Make Your Workday More Successful by Dawn Colclasure, writing as Dana Mitchells
You Hate Marketing? No, You Don't!  by Dallas Hodder Franklin
Tips To Sell Your Book by Dallas Hodder Franklin
Writing IS A Business by Marg McAlister
I'm Not Shameless by Jenna Glatzer
Ten Simple & Inexpensive Ways for Authors to Market Themselves Online (Part 1) by Kevin McNeese 
Ten Simple & Inexpensive Ways for Authors to Market Themselves Online (Part 2) by Kevin McNeese
Key Elements of Any Promotion Plan by Lorna Tedder
How to Get Published in 90 Days by Scott&Scott
Helpful Hints for Your Bookstore Appearance by Lori L. Lake
Book Promotion 101 by Anna Furtado
Demystifying Cover Letters by Anna Furtado
Reading, Reviews, Responses by Lynne Pierce
Promoting Lesbian Fiction: Tackling It One Task at a Time by Kathi Isserman
How to Use Libraries to Promote Your Work by Lori L. Lake
Anthology Submission Tips by Andi Marquette

Questions and Answers

What's Your Take on Multiple-Protagonist Novels?
by Lori L. Lake
What Are the 5 Most Common Mistakes of New Writers?
by Nann Dunne
How Do I Finish My Novel?
by Lori L. Lake

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